Saturday, December 14, 2013

Off Grid Pond Aeration

Where grid power is not available, we have developed a stand alone aeration system that utilizes solar panels to keep battery power charged to operate the Pondmaster AP 100 aeration system.

Our System utilizes a rugged custom  built cabinet made from 3/4 plywood  protected by aluminum siding (on the outer side) and galvanized steel on the interior, trimmed with aluminum edging, also all hardware is either stainless steel or aluminum to prevent corrosion from the elements.

The cabinet: integrates the mounting of the solar panels, to enable the system to be a stand alone unit, making it possible to move the complete unit if desired.

With the weight of the storage batteries and low profile of the system, securing the unit to the ground is not necessary.

The Charging System:
This is a 12 volt power system utilizing 2 solar Panels that produce 140 watts each for a combined max output of 240 watts of charging.
These are high quality Solar Panels made in either Mexico or the US. ( not cheap China Panels)

Working with the solar Panels we use a high quality MPPT charge controller (mfg. in the US from Blue Sky Energy) The MPPT technology gives a boost circuit which adds additional charging to the batteries ( up to 30% more)

The Battery Management System: Controls have been installed to prevent low battery conditions and shut down of the inverter, (requiring a manual reset of the inverter)
This system enables the unit to operate on it's own without the need of constantly being "checked on" to keep operating, during extended periods of low sun activity and cloudy weather.

Programmed timing system: The system also incorporates a digital timer with it's own rechargeable battery backup.  This allows  the aerator to operate during critical periods of the day to maximize battery life, and keep oxygen levels higher during critical times of the day.

Inverter Power: Our system incorporates a  inverter that converts 12 volt power into 110 volt power.
Although there is a small amount of inefficiency in this application, the benefits outweigh the small loss.

So far, no one has built an efficient 12 volt compressor that out performs a linear compressor, in terms of air flow, and electrical consumption.

Pondmaster AP 100 Kit #4 ...
Aeration System: The aerator used in the Off-Grid Aeration System is our Pondmaster AP100 Kit #4,
Which includes: An efficient linear air compressor, with 2 way manifold, 2 -  10 inch diffuser assemblies ( that set at the bottom of the pond) 100 ft of self sinking air tubing, and all necessary clamps and fittings for installation.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lake Aeration System install

Installing a Lake Aeration System for an irrigation pond for a championship golf course ..

Pump-house built from a used pallet for a base, old barnwood for siding, corrugated metal roofing  for a top

The 3/4 hp Rotary Compressor using 4 lines for diffusers, the other 4 to be added later as weather permits, also as additional air tubing is acquired to complete the coverage.

 The before picture
Installation of the diffusers in Montana the week before Thanksgiving, nightly low temps in the teens, highs in the low 40's.
There is 3 inches of ice on the pond, this is a 3 acre pond
The diffusers were installed, air tubing lines run, the compressor was started at approx 2pm in the afternoon.
Upon start up the warmer water is flowing through the hole made for the diffuser..

The following morning the pond is 3/4 free of ice with the temps in the lower teens.
The pond is used for irrigation and also trout fishing, 

The aeration system is used for a few reasons:

To keep oxygen levels high enough to prevent (Fish Kills) during winter and summer months, to enhance the trout to grow to larger sizes quicker.

To reduce algae build up and stagnation during storage times:

Enhance fishing:

For more information check out our web site : 

New posts Coming

New upgrades to the Solar Powered Aeration Systems

Coming Soon:

Up grades to the Solar Units
Solar Unit Kit for the DIY installer:

Install in Montana:

Silicon tube diffuser

Kits for Hunters

How to stop blue - green algae


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Skimmer box filter replace spring cleaning is here

We have available on our web site 2 types of filter media (or pads) a 2 inch white and a 1 inch green.

The white media is a course pad while the green pad is a finer more dense pad.

We cut the pads to various sizes as the skimmer boxes are of different sizes

These are great filters for mechanical filtration  for ponds, rain barrels, pump housings, bucket filters, anywhere the need to filter large debris.

Filter Media page

It is also great for aquaponics and hydroponic applications

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tube Diffusers for septic systems

AP100 Kit for tanks to 10 ft deep

This past week we have had a few customers purchase aeration systems for their septic systems.

The tube diffuser is the preferred diffuser for the tanks for a couple of reasons.

 More information here

 All Aerators offered here

AP 40 Kit for tanks to 5 ft deep

1. They have a small opening in their tank, usually 4 to 6 inches diameter.
 Our tube diffusers are 2 1/2 inch in diameter, they are also self weighted, so they sink and install easily.

2. The tube sets on the bottom of the tank to enable total circulation in the tank.

 More information here

  All Aerators offered here

 Latest Customer Comment:

Installed the AP-40 and placed an eight ft beam across the pond and spaced out the 4 lines. Wow! Lots of air bubbles. Have all of them down about a foot. We had a 64 degree day and it melted 3 inches of ice on the pond. Saw my fish for the first time in a month but even with all my chipping and pounding away at the ice, they all survived. Today it is 27 degrees and edges of the pond are already freezing but the aeration is great. You definitely picked the right size aerator.


Thanks for your advice.

Richard Davis

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Round Diffusers

In the past year we have changed diffuser companies.
In the past the diffusers were constructed with a white outer ring, getting them in a timely manner had become very difficult.

Our new discs are made here in Colorado, and we pick them up from the manufacturer...
No more month long backorders.

Diffuser specs:
Flex Disc Diffuser Assembly :
for use with self-sinking air tubing.
Size 10 inches diameter, 5 inches high,
air flow specs. 1/4 cfm - 6.0 cfm.
10 year service life. 

 More information & purchase click here

We also have a new smaller diffuser 

7 inch Diffuser Assembly 

The 7 inch Fine Bubble Diffuser will work with smaller air volumes and pressures

We are using the 7 inch diffuser with all Pondmaster AP40 compressors

Outside diameter is 9 inches. Height is 4.5 inches.
Air flow maximum 4 CFM

  More information & purchase click here

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sorry for the absence..

We will begin blogging  in the very near future..

Since the last time we have new exciting products..

 solar aeration systems, silicone diffusers, self sinking tube diffusers, rebuild information for compressors, also planning the aquaponics beginning this winter/spring...

Stay tuned.............